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Moi meme: 2/15 movies

American History X: “I used to blame everybody. Blamed white people, blamed society, blamed God. I didn’t get no answers ‘cause I was asking the wrong questions. You have to ask the right questions. Has anything you’ve done made your life better?

♫ You look like you’ve been for breakfast at the heartbreak hotel 

You mustn’t be afraid to dream a little bigger, darling.

I propose we not make plans, I propose we give this thing a chance and let it work out how it works out. So what do you say, do you wanna not make plans with me?
Leap Year (2010)

Written and directed by Xavier Dolan
Starring Anne Dorval, Antoine Olivier Pilon and Suzanne Clément

In a fictional Canada, a new law allows distressed parents to abandon their troubled children to the hospital system. Diane “Die” Despres, a feisty widow, tries to cope with Steve, her wild yet charismatic ADHD son. While they both try to make ends meet, Kyla, a mysterious neighbour, offers her help. As Kyla’s heart-warming presence becomes increasingly intense, questions emerge about her own mysterious life, and the way her destiny may ultimately be linked to that of Steve and Die.

Saving Mr. Banks (USA - UK - Australia, 2013)